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Camouflage I

Camouflage I

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oil painting, graphite, ball point pen, airbrush, stencil, collage over gessoed paper, 30" x 22"

One of eight works included in the exhibition, 4
Trópico de Nopal Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Also exhibited in the solo show, Huerta de Papel / Paper Orchard, Colibrí Gallery, East LA, CA
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Private collection

"Marichal’s deep personal involvement with these desolate or agonized spaces that serve as reifications of existential preoccupations is evidenced in her self-portraits Camouflage I (2010), Camouflage II (2010-11), and Camouflage III (2011).  In this she is different from the detached flâneuse. Setting herself up as an observer amidst the landscape and actually becoming one with it, as she seems to morph into the trees, becoming arboreal to the point of rendering herself almost invisible as in Camouflage I, there is a mimetic transformation that is implied. In her becoming tree, branch, or the cosmos, is not unlike Deleuze and Guattari’s accounts of ‘becoming’ in Becoming-Intense, Becoming Animal[1]."