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2009. acrylic on canvas, 30' x 20"

From the series and solo exhibition, Sleepwalking in Los Angeles
Tropico de Nopal Gallery

"Last Friday, May 1st, at Tropico de Nopal in Echo Park, I witnessed a pictorial presentation of silent but dead-on storytelling of urban LA as well as its ghost-like
inhabitants.  Poli Marichal, in her current one-woman show,
Sleepwalking in Los Angeles, has created a stunningly impressive body of work that examines, celebrates, and mythologizes everyday scenes of our weathered, concrete, municipal epicenter. Her urban myth's protagonist?  - the homeless, displaced, and socially discarded population of LA's streets."

Brandy Maya Healy, Sleepwaling in Los Angeles 
art review published in Brooklyn & Boyle, Vol.1, No.5, 2010