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Poli Marichal Studio



Included in the exhibition 4 - Linda Arreola, Cici Gonzalez Segura, Poli Marichal, Marianne Sadowski
Tropico de Nopal Gallery, Los Angeles.

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"In Quiet, Marichal depicts a lonely and solitary figure that seems absorbed in thought. Out of the cart a black fist rises – alluding to the Black Panther symbol of empowerment to the people; budding from the cart like a flower that grows in the most disparate of places. This powerful symbol perhaps attests to unrealized ideals or pursuits that, despite their apparent erasure and eradication from today’s apolitical culture, still finds a way to continue-on amidst the most inhospitable environment."

Diana Marisol Santillano, 4 LA Women, essay excerpt

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