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Poli Marichal Studio



2011, oil painting, sanguine, color pencils over gessoed paper, 22" x 30".

Included in exhibitions, 4 - Linda Arreola, Poli Marichal,
Cici Segura Gonzalez, Marianne Sadowski, Trópico de Nopal Gallery, LA, curated by Reyes Rodríguez and Marialice Jacob, 
and in Modern Angelenos, Montalban Theater's Gallery, LA, curated by Isabel Rojas-Williams

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"With so many rich and politically charged artworks, it’s hard to know where to start. Poli Marichal’s works here glow with yellows and gold. They have the feel of icons, and the brightness of the LA sunshine. But within this reverential, affirming palette is something else altogether. In “Vagrant,” a work created from oil, graphite, sanguine, charcoal, and colored pencils over gesso, the artist adds the image of a vagrant’s cart, piled with belongings. Here, too, is a palm tree both stark yet resilient in black and white. Marichal notes that her “goal as an artist is to create suggestive and expressive works.” She seeks to reveal both “social, political and environmental concerns” as well as her more personal visions. It is not a coincidence that the image of the tree itself is so dominant and haunting."

Excerpt from the art review, Modern Angelenos Thoroughly Modern Art, 
by Genie Davis, published in 
Art and Cake, A Contemporary Art Magazine

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